My Glory Days

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Welcome to my crazy mom blog, the place where I will journal all of the moments that I know most single parents have as well as the ones that I just don’t want to forget.

Lately I seem to appreciate all of the experiences that I’ve had thus far in this crazy life that I’ve been gifted with, the good, the not so good and everything in between. I appreciate them because they brought me to where I am now, fully aware to appreciate all of the good in my life!

Working mother to two boys, two girls and two fur-babies. Caregiver by nature, banker by trade. I am driven, full of energy and as always have an overflowing plate. Overflowing with love, laughter, work, nonsense, fun and anything in between.

I try to see my glass as half full, I’ve lived an eventful life and have been very fortunate to experience what I call the best of both worlds, I’ve been poor, reasonably comfortable, married and now single.

This journal is a place for me to vent, laugh at myself as well as record the never a dull moment days in my ever changing, crazy busy, wouldn’t change a thing life.