Journal Entries

A Day In My Life

I’ve been contemplating on my first entry for over a year now. I started this blog with good intentions to have a place to leave my thoughts and collect myself. I find it useful to empty my bucket sometimes as I tend to be a sponge for many people’s issues, including my own. If I carry my bucket without emptying it once and a while, it disrupts my precious flow.

Today, I am once again procrastinating on something very important. I tend to do this with anything that requires effort and has an impact on my life. This week was very restful but yet also eventful. It started out very laid back, Monday was a bank holiday and I really had a peaceful day at home with the kids, that is something that most of us don’t get to fully soak up, for that I’m extremely grateful. I went back to work on Tuesday ready to take on all of my day’s challenges. I ended my workday with a message from Madeline that she had done a back bend (practicing old gymnastics moves) and somehow landed on the concrete patio, head first. I carefully looked at my schedule for Wednesday anticipating a visit to at least the walk in and possible follow up with her pediatrician as she has had a concussion in the past. Fortunately all was okay when I arrived home, so I thought the normal routine would follow.

I woke at midnight to a little voice, Joshua (my third child) who was standing over my bed complaining of nausea, I comforted him and sent him back to bed. About an hour or two into my R.E.M. I was awoken again, this time by Rachel (my youngest) to alert me that she got sick all over her carpet. I rushed to help her, I cleaned the mess and brought her next to me to keep an eye on her. Well that was just the beginning of a very rough night with a violent stomach bug. Joshua fortunately made it through the night, but also came home from school sick mid day. Something told me that I would have to miss work, fortunately I was prepared to rearrange my calendar. The next two days were spent snuggling Joshua and Rachel in between disinfecting common areas and bathrooms.

So with procrastination at it’s best, it only seems fitting to halt everything pressing in my life at this moment to write my first entry. Today I took a nice long nap to be sure that I have the mental stamina to stay up late and catch up as I am also enrolled in a bachelors program. So now, here I am with SIX assignments due by midnight tomorrow, cramming like a typical college student who procrastinated to the 11th hour to turn in assignments, naturally this seems like the perfect time to make my first entry after almost an entire year from creating this blog.